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Advisory Team

Sashi Reddi

Venture Advisor

“At WestBridge our relationships with our founders and stakeholders tend to span decades, not years. I’m an excellent case in point as a founder backed by WestBridge and now a venture advisor with the firm. That says it all.“

Sashi Reddi
  • Focus areas:
    • SaaS
    • Enterprise tech

About Sashi

Sashi Reddi’s connection with WestBridge began in 2004 when the fund backed his software testing startup, AppLabs. The venture grew to become the largest independent software testing company in the world before being acquired by CSC in 2011. The returns gave Sashi the freedom to become an active angel investor, focusing on SaaS startups building tech in India to serve the US market. He later transitioned to venture advising.

Sashi believes that the best way to get educated on a space and meet amazing people is by investing personally in that space. He makes small personal investments in biotech, crypto, gaming, digital health, food, and pretty much anything else that is being built by visionary founders with great passion. 

Sashi lives in Philadelphia but spends a few months every year in Hyderabad.

Disclaimer: Operating/Venture Advisors are not full-time employees of WestBridge, but serve as consultants to WestBridge and/or its affiliated entities in a limited capacity

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